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    Time of Enlightenment - OMNI SETS

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    Time of Enlightenment - OMNI SETS

    Post  hinairusu on Thu Sep 23, 2010 3:52 am

    Seeing as somebody has disputed my logic,something which I don’t take lightly, I’m going to provide a little list hereof Omni damage sets. This is in order to dispel the myth some people believeabout the fact you can only be an Omni Blah after lvl 189, with the bworkercombo.
    Omni sets I am defining here, as somethingwhich gives more than +1 to every element. Because of the nature of omnisets,  they will ALWAYS hit lower thanany pure stat build and set. Yes, you can give me all the counter arguments youwant, and chances are I probibally know more 199+ Omni characters than you do.Personally I am in favour of certain classes going omni build at higher levels,starting at 160+. I personally feel that waiting until 189 to test out the omniideals, is waiting a bit late, especially as the bworker combination costsupwards of 60mk (cheapest).
    So, on to my list of sets, with relevantWikia links for set bonus’s (having discarded unobtainable sets such aschampion set):
    Lvl 1
    Lvl 1         
    lvl 100
    Lvl 129
    Lvl 150
    (Class Sets)
    Lvl 189
    Yes, I apprecieatewith individual items such as Harmoney, etc, you can build an omni custom set,but these are the dedicated omni build sets. I also noted the fact that thereare NO omni sets between lvl 1 and lvl 100, suggesting that the developersintended a proper omni character to begin at lvl 100.  Therefore as you can see above, while thebonus’s are not massively high on the lower sets, you CAN become omni at alower level, infact the Dreggon set itself is brilliant for testing out omniideas.
    My personalrecommendation for ANY class intending to go omni build, is to start with advof course, progress up a pure element chain, eg: intel, agil… and then moveinto the class set at lvl 150. Having experimented with the various class sets,I am pretty sure that this is the best time to properly experience the damageof an omni set, and you get the neat little bonus’s the rest of the set offersyou as well, such as 2ap punishments on a scarier, or 2ap lashing arrow. After thisof course is the godlike bworker combination.
    Classes that canconsider Omni builds, post 160, keeping in mind this means they have at leastone attack in each element :
     Sacrier, Cra, Panda, Ecaflip (but rekop isrisky), Enutof, Feca (shields), Xelor.
    Of the aboveclasses, only Feca does not attack in each element, but instead benefits fromincreased shield protection. However its arguable that a pure intel feca wouldindeed reduce, and damage, more than an omni build. As of yet I have not testedthis theory.

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