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    Team Sheets download link

    Post  hinairusu on Fri Apr 01, 2011 3:35 pm

    Hello World Very Happy

    Well, Hinairusu here, and as you may have gathered i've been pretty bored with my university course, so i've decided to make a series of spreadsheets for people who want a team of characters based around a specific theme.

    The spreadsheets are passworded at the moment, to prevent anyone from directly copying my work, but the end page is availble for you to edit, and fill out with you own choices. currently my team setup is in there, along with the decisions i went though to get to my choice of team.

    Tabs avaliable:

    • Single Character Choices
    • Offence
    • Balanced
    • Defence
    • Support
    • AP Rape
    • MP Rape

    To be added shortly:

    By element
    Rogue Information
    Masq information.

    Help on the last two would be appreciated.


    To Download:
    Clickie Very Happy

    also, on Imps: Clickie Very Happy

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