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    Hinairusu's Endgame Sram Set

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    Hinairusu's Endgame Sram Set

    Post  hinairusu on Sun Jan 23, 2011 10:31 am

    My idea of an epic sram set...
    Designed TOTALLY around dark... Razz

    A few stats, maxed natural rolls, NO OVERMAGE.
    Str: 330
    Agil: 310
    Vit: 2350
    Range: 5
    MP: 5
    AP: 9
    +Dmg: 43
    PP: 160
    Wis: 330

    The peices themselves?
    Memori Amulet
    Chee Cape
    Pot Bellied Ring
    Bherbal Bherb Belt
    Odourless Boots
    Awmigawd Band
    The Kim
    Godswrath Daggers

    This setup assumes a +12 turq (already have eh) and eme/plum mount. Thus giving 1/2 on dags Very Happy

    My idea:
    Gather either str or agil scrolls. Save them. Reset yoru sram, then scroll 101 in either stat. After that, pump str to 300, or agil to 299, depending which you scrolled.
    Then work on other scroll to 101, and finish pumping.

    Your endgame stats will be slightly lower than a pure build (as your pumping two characteristics) but your damage will be sexeh Very Happy

    ~ Hinairusu

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    Re: Hinairusu's Endgame Sram Set

    Post  hidesintheshadows on Sun Jan 23, 2011 12:36 pm

    alrighty now here the question for ALL PYRO MEMEMBERS. will u help me finish this set so i can put white-shrooms in his place. ik i made a promise to someone i wouldnt pvp but my anger its gettin outta control and he needs to be put in his place. ANYONE who helps me wil get a reward to mat this whole set. every mat part will be droped just to see white-shrooms fall

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