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    Bloodydrog - Cra

    Post  hinairusu on Fri Nov 12, 2010 6:08 pm

    persistant guild jumping

    warnings given.[12/11/2010 23:40:58]Kotensu Hinairusu: the guild jumping thing is annoying me
    [12/11/2010 23:41:25] Kotensu Hinairusu: he leaves to join another guildbecause its better than ours, or he's "helping out a friend" thensuddenly wants to come back
    [12/11/2010 23:41:43] XXXXX: ok
    [12/11/2010 23:41:49] Kotensu Hinairusu: but thats just me.
    [12/11/2010 23:41:52] XXXXX: I'll adress him on it
    [12/11/2010 23:41:56] Kotensu Hinairusu: idk why dark has a beef with him xD
    [12/11/2010 23:41:59] XXXXX: no, I can understand
    [12/11/2010 23:42:06] XXXXX: Dark has the same prob I believe
    [12/11/2010 23:42:09] Kotensu Hinairusu: ahh
    [12/11/2010 23:42:20] XXXXX: but just with intensified feelings
    [12/11/2010 23:42:35] Kotensu Hinairusu: its not that i mind him jumpingguilds, it just gets irratating at the frequency of it.
    [12/11/2010 23:43:00] XXXXX: yeah, I understand
    [12/11/2010 23:43:07] XXXXX: I'll adress him on it
    [12/11/2010 23:43:16] Kotensu Hinairusu: xD
    [12/11/2010 23:43:25] XXXXX: and if he chooses to leave another time he'll notget back in, simple as that.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~12 November 2010 à 21:45:17,
    Bloodydrog has left the guild.
    left by his own was taken by leadership.totals:2 votes for not re-inviting him for above reason.0 votes against.2 voters abstained from vote..

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    Re: Bloodydrog - Cra

    Post  fakebirdie on Sun Nov 14, 2010 7:26 am

    ain't crawling back from what I said earlier Wink

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    Re: Bloodydrog - Cra

    Post  hidesintheshadows on Sun Nov 14, 2010 12:09 pm

    better not cause i wont stop myself from puttin him in his place

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    Re: Bloodydrog - Cra

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