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    Invitation Requirements

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    Invitation Requirements

    Post  hinairusu on Sat Sep 11, 2010 12:24 pm

    this is my personal list of requirements for people who i want to be allowed into the guild.

    if they do not meet these requirements, DO NOT INVITE THEM.

    1st - must be above lvl 1. this is because i dont care what level you are. lvl 199 are as usefull as lvl 2 characters to me. just because you are a lvl 200, doesn't mean i want you in my guild.

    2nd - must be an active member. this means that you must log at least twice a week, unless you have reason for abscence in the forum.

    3rd - must know at least passable english. We are an english server (international means english, check the red messages which pop up) therefore if you cannot speak at least passable english (lvl me pls does not count) then i dont want you in here. i'm prepared to help teach you english, but i'm not prepared to have to use google translate for every sentance.

    4th - must be deemed trustworthy. meaning you can invite anyone, but if they try scamming other guild members, your inv. rights will be taken off you for a period of time. i'm trying to build up a friendly guild, and i want it to be a place where we can trust everyone.

    5th, and final requirement - must not be a pure PvP character. this is my personal selfish requirement. i do NOT want my guild to be a collection of PvP players. if you want to PvP in your spare time, so be it. but to me, the game is about fighting monsters with friends. not beating up some 14 year old noob who's set is 10 intel less than yours.

    that being said, while i understand PvP is a good aspect of the game, i'm prepared to accept PvPer's, provided they do not force their PvP views onto others, attack peoples idea's because they dont work in PvP (eg: str sacrier), and fineally, they at least participate occasionally in the guild PvM battles, to join in with our spirit. if they wish, we can go Perc Hunting, but only if we are not doing anything else Smile

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