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    PvM Agil-str Iop

    Post  fakebirdie on Mon Sep 06, 2010 3:42 am

    Welcome to Ann's guide to the PvM Agil-str Iop


    will depend on how you start, hybridizing from on the start isn't a smart thing. don't go hybrid untill lvl 100-101!

    If starting as str Iop, str from 0-eternity
    If starting as Agy Iop, even tho there is a CRAP CAP, lvl 1-29 full agility. after that I suggest you reset in incarnam and go pure wisdom (0-eternity)


    Vitality - always handy, even tho it isn't neccesary.

    Wisdom - 101, can't be kidding mehh.

    Strength - 101

    Intelligence - scroll if wanted, offers you extra damage on leek pie and SS in addition it will strengthen feca shields cast on you

    Chance - feca shields and 10 pp when scrolled to 101 (not worth it)

    Agility - 101


    Str based till lvl 101.
    Str based:

    Lvl 11 – Pressure lvl 5
    Lvl 21 – Intimidation lvl 5
    Lvl 31 - Jump lvl 5
    Lvl 41 – Power lvl 5
    Lvl 51 – Increase lvl 5
    Lvl 61 – Strengthstorm lvl 5
    Lvl 71 – Celestial Sword lvl 5
    Lvl 81 – save your points
    Lvl 91 – Sword Of Iop lvl 5
    Lvl 101 – Iops Wrath lvl 5

    Once you hybridized:
    Divine sword lvl 5-6

    Lvl 101 and on:
    Pressure lvl 6 asap.
    intimidation lvl 6.
    Now it's time to think about moon hammer. free spellpoints will come now.

    Agy based:

    Lv. 1-11: Raise Divine Sword to 5.
    Lv. 12-21: Raise Jump to 5. (mix jump and Intimi if prefered)
    Lv. 22-31: Raise Intimidation to 5.
    Lv. 32-41: Raise Sword of Judgment to 5.
    Lv. 42-51 Raise Power to 5.
    Lv. 52-61: Raise Moon Strength Storm to 5
    Lv. 62-71: Raise Celestial Sword to 5.
    Lv. 72-81: Save points
    Lv. 82-91: Sword of Iop to 5.
    Lv. 92-101: Iop's Wrath to 5.
    Lv. 101+ : (here you start as hybrid, you'll get str bonus Smile
    - Pressure, lvl 6. (priority)
    - Intimidation, lvl 6. (priority No. 2)
    - Increase, lvl 6.
    Now, start thinking about moon hammer, when ur done thinking you should go back to getting the lvl 5 spells lvl 6.

    You can unlearn SoJ if wanted, CS will do more dmg, is more reliable, AoE and bigger range.

    Str based:
    ADV at incarnam, till it bored you dead.
    48 gobball set
    48 – 78 green scara set
    78 – 100 terrdala set
    100 - 109 Chief Bwork set
    109 - ??? White Rat set with chief bwork bracelet.

    Agy based:
    1 - 38 : Adv set
    lvl 38 - bwork set: Mad tofu cloak and toady set. as soon as you can, Gelano and Aerdala amulet.
    Lvl 109 - ???: White rat set with bwork bracelet.

    1 – 30:
    F2P: incarnum. from on lvl 3 pick lone chaffers and slowly advance
    P2P: Incarnam till lvl 10, then rocky inlet.

    30 - 40:
    F2P: Incarnam, chaffers.
    P2P: Mushd

    50 - 60:
    F2P: cracks, cracks n cracks
    P2P: piglets

    F2P: get a job n buy membership
    P2P: gobbal dungeon, till you meet Kim-Chan's boredom lvl!

    TIP ONE(agy one):
    wisdom is better then agility till lvl 100+

    agility equipment will give you loads of bonus while you'll have a killing cap on agility. You'll want maximum gain from your fights so you go for wisdom.

    Follow the guide concerning the splash to Strength Storm.

    You're PvM, this means you have to deal with annoying resistance and challenges that require specific ways to reach em.

    Don't begg for xp

    you won't get it and waste time you could've used to gain it yourself.

    if you have an eni, protect it at ALL costs.

    You are the <BLAH>. if your Eni dies, guess who is next. your job in this situation is to <BLAH>, and keep it alive until it can heal itself.

    Professions that benefit a <BLAH>


    Begging / bragging. dont do it. ever.

    Begging gets you invited into less groups, and bragging makes us think you can do it yourself, so we will leave you to it yourself. Yes, we know you think your awesome and can kill a level blah monster, but we know full well that Crocabulia will still own you without us.

    Order of things to kill in a solo fight.

    High mp > healers > everything else

    you lack range till high levels, then you need to kill the healers to stop them recovering your damage, then just hp stomp.

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