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    Battle Eni - The Long Awaited Talk

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    Battle Eni - The Long Awaited Talk

    Post  hinairusu on Thu Sep 08, 2011 5:12 pm

    Well, a lot of people have been asking me about a Battle Eni, and for a long time i have been dubious about writing a guide for them. This guide is aimed at people who have this as their first character, or as a potential main character, and thus will likely >NOT< have millions of kama behind them to buy over maged sets.

    With this in mind, i believe i have set out not only a viable build for an Eni to follow, but one which is better used by people who do NOT leech themselves. My explination as to why, if you are following this guide, you should not leech will be listed at the end. Heed my warning.


    301 intelligence, then into wisdom.

    Vitality –Usefull,especially as you will be taking damage alot, but not essential.

    Wisdom – you MUST 101 this before putting any points into wisdom.

    Strength – No use

    Intelligence I personally scrolled to 10 intelligence. At endgame, scrolling to 101 only gives you a maximum intelligence 24 intel higher than a non scrolled character. Scrolling to 10 means that at lvl 200 you will have a maximum of 401 intel. Perfect in my eyes.

    Chance – you will need 25 chance scrolled after 169

    Agility – This is optional, but it will help to scroll later on to dodge opponants.



    Being a Battle Build, you will HAVE to reset at the dopples a few times, so this is NOT recommended for F2P players.
    Lvl 9 –Stim word Lvl 3.
    Lvl 14 – Forbidden Word lvl 5
    Lvl 26 – Regen word lvl 5
    Lvl 34 – Revitalisng Word lvl 5
    Lvl 41 – Curative Word lvl 4
    Lvl 54 – Friendship word lvl 5
    Lvl 57 – Curative Word lvl 5
    Lvl 64 –Frightning Word lvl 5
    Lvl 64 – Forbidden Word lvl 1
    Lvl 64 – Staff Skill lvl 5
    Lvl 74 – lifting word lvl 5
    Lvl 84-Preventing word lvl 5
    Lvl 94 –Save.
    Lvl 101 – Forbidden lvl 6.
    Lvl 104 – Curative OR StaffSkill Lvl 6
    Lvl 116 – Stim word Lvl 6
    Lvl 121- Revit Lvl 6
    Lvl 126 – Regen Lvl 6
    Lvl 131 – Staffskill OR Curative lvl 6

    To begin with, use the set you are given free. If you can afford a pet, Atooin +10heals will serve you well, until 100+ when you want a Plum/Emerald Mount.
    Lvl 11, try and get yourself a gobball set, Intel based.
    By lvl 50, you should be killing Red Scaraleaved for the red scara set (using Vampiric and Wounding to kill)
    Lvl 60 you need to get a Golden Scaraleaf set. This is where your battle abilities begin to shine.
    Lvl 59 is the first peice of equipment which you must buy, which you cannot drop from a monster for free. A fire maged Kryst o Boul staff. Use this instead of your golden scara wand as your damage source, and then you are ready to really begin to solo.
    After golden scara set, there are many options which you could use. So, instead of listing them all here, i’ll give you a way of telling what kind of equipment you want.
    +heals, THEN +wisdom, THEN +vit,THEN +Intel, THEN anything else.
    Your weapons of choice are a Kryst o boul staff, a Toy Hammer, Shaman Pinguin Staff, Staff of the Prophets.

    Incarnum until lvl 6. Then Astrub Snappers until lvl16-20
    After you have a full gobball set on, head down to the Mushd. This will give you yoru first experience of real eni fighting.
    Lvl 30-40 time you should be thinking of heading over to Scaraleaves, to start dropping peices for your Red Scara set.
    Around lvl 55, you should start running Scaraleaf dungeon with friends, to make money for your staff, and to drop your Golden Scara set.
    From lvl 40+, you can fight Treechnids, Boars, and even Chafer mobs in the cemetery, as long as you remember your turn order.
    After lvl 60, you can solo gobball dungeon, or just keep fighting mobs around the main island map. You should be able to handle any mob below lvl 250 with relative ease at this point.


    School of Thought.

    There are two types of Battle Eni, which i refer to as Defensive types, and Offensive types. An Offensive Eni is what most people think of when they hear a battle Eni. Imagine an Iop that can heal itself. That is what the offensive Eni attempts to achieve. The second thought is more like a Feca with great offensive potential. This is the school of thought i personally follow, and while being much harder to grasp, i feel is more rewarding in the long term.

    Offensive Eni.

    You are thinking like an Iop. Therefore, damage is your main focus. In order to achieve this, a general turn should consist of charging in and attacking as much as possible. When you get low on health, that is when you fall back to heal, and then charge in again. This has great damage potential, but can be a very risky gambit. Should your healing fail, or you under estimate how much damage you will take, you could quickly find yourself dead. But, that being said, you will rival in raw power some of the higher damage classes, by using weapons.

    Defensive Eni.

    an Eni which takes a risk is a dead Eni. That is the reasoning of the Defensive Eni. This does not mean that you are a weak Eni however, Far from it. The mindest of a Defensive Eni is to always keep a reserve available. Usually, this would mean having a Coney out behind you, and keeping Regen word stacked on yourself, providing that extra little “help” should anything go wrong. My assumption on this style of play is that you will always leave a reserve of 3ap every turn when planning, so that your first move will always be Regen word on yourself.

    You should not leech

    Now this is a bit of a sore topic among many players. In my opinion, even when you get the “i need one more lvl for my set”, you still should not leech. However, for the sake of this guide, i’ll only outline the reasons why you should not leech as a battle eni.
    Unlike a Sacrier, or a Supportive Eni, you don’t havethe luxury of jumping into a fight, and being able to just “assume” this is what you do. While you can do this to some degree at low levels, you cannot do that as you get higher. This is because you need to be able to adapt to your spells, you need to understand how the Eni works.
    For example, fighting against a set of Plains Cracklers. If you run in blindly, you will quickly find yourself with 0ap and not able to do anything. But, by planning turns ahead, you can adapt to the low AP turns. In this case, Regen stacking at the beginning, and then on the turns where you have low ap, you wont have to worry about the healing.
    Not an Awesome example for people, but a simple one. The end game example is Vespal Bearbarians. If you get too close to them, you will quickly die. But playing at range isn’t as easy as people think for an Eni. But, by playing with your Eni alot, you will often find techniques that other people have never thought of. (Enu bag + Sylvian power anyone?)

    Professions that benefit an Intel Eni are ones not needing a lot of pods

    miner and lumberjack professions are Bad because of your low poddage

    Begging / bragging. dont do it. ever.

    Begging gets you invited into less groups, and bragging makes us think you can do it yourself, so we will leave you to it yourself. Yes, we know you think your awesome and can kill a level blah monster, but we know full well that Crocabulia will still own you without us.

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