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    Chance Sacrier

    Post  hinairusu on Mon Aug 09, 2010 2:02 pm

    Welcome to Hinairusu's guide to the 2.0 Chance Sacrier.


    all your points will be put into vitality.

    let me say this again.

    ALL your points go into vitality. period.

    there is one exception. should you be able to buy an awesome chance set to do dopples, then you may put all your points into wisdom, and reset when you are lv 40+ using the dopple tokens. downside of this method = you suck ass untill you reset.


    Vitality - if you wish. personally i dont see the point, its expensive and its only 101 health, and you cant really gather the scrolls till you are much higher and 100hp becomes nothing anway.

    Wisdom - scroll this to 25 by the time you reach lv 60, and 101 it when you can.

    Strength - scroll if you wish, this is the one stat we will not need in a hurry.

    Intelligence - scroll if you can afford it, this is a rarely used stat, but it helps with cawwot.

    Chance - scroll as soon as you can afford the scrolls. a good idea would be to join guild hunts for mats for them, as this is vital in your character.

    Agility - again, if this is not scrolled to at least 50 you will suck ass. join hunts or buy scrolls using kama or doploons


    Spells to level, in order.

    Lv 17 - Dissolution Lv 5.
    Lv 21 - Bold Punihsment Lv 5
    Lv 31 - Nimble Punishment Lv 5
    Lv 41 - Assault Lv 5
    Lv 51 - Cooperation Lv 5
    Lv 61 - Transposition Lv 5
    Lv 71 - Attraction Lv 5
    Lv 81 - Flying Sword Lv 5
    Lv 84 - Release Lv 3
    Lv 85 - Swap Lv 2
    Lv 86 - Leek Pie Lv 2
    Lv 90 - Soul Capture Lv 3
    Lv 91 - Life Transfer Lv 2
    Lv 100 - Blood Thirsty Madness Lv 3
    Lv 109 Assault Lv 6
    Lv 113 Nimble Punishmet Lv 6
    Lv 117 Dissolution Lv 6
    Lv 121 Bold Punishment Lv 6
    Lv 122 Attraction Lv 6
    Lv 128 Fury Lv 5


    Lv 1 - 21 Adventure Set.
    Lv 21 - 37 Full Moskito Set + Farmer peices to augment.
    Lv 37 - 48 Prespic set + Moskito/Farmer peices
    Lv 48 - 60 Blue Scaraleaf set + Kammasutra Amulet + Bow in Treechnid Root.
    Lv 60 - 80 Swap Bow for another weapon of your choice, put Gelano on for AP, or Axel if you can afford one.
    Lv 80 - 108 Royal Indigo Blop set + Axel(Or Gelano). open slots for agility/chance equipment.
    Lv 108 - 114 Dragon Pig Set.
    Lv 114 + Ancestreal set.


    Lv 1 - 6 incarnum gobballs.
    Lv 6 - 17 Astrub Rockey Inlet.
    Lv 17 - 21 Mushd
    Lv 21 - 40 Gobbals in Tainela
    Lv 40 - 60 Piglets
    Lv 60 - 80 Gob Dongeon solo, Kanigers,
    Lv 80 - 100 Scaraleaf Dongeon solo, Gob Dongeon solo, Kanigers
    Lv 100 - 114 Scaraleaf, Gobball, Skeleton, Blacksmith, Kanigers, Chafers in the ankaman cemetery..
    Lv 114 + Canidae solo (skill needed, avoid 198 moo till 120+)


    No matter what, first turn buff with Bold AND Nimble.
    Second turn you can play around.

    if they dont stay near you, you cant hit them.

    if you can, get yourself an eni friend.

    +1-2 ap is always good, and against harder bosses, you might not heal back enough.
    Also, Cha resistant opponants tend to be INT weak.

    Learn the spell combinations from either Soul-Angel, or Raiito.

    there are a few spell combinations which sac's can use for absolute hell on the battlefield. once you learn how to use these combinations, your team ability will rise an aweful lot, and you will be invited into more dungeons.

    if you have an eni, protect it at ALL costs.

    You are the meat sheild. if your eni dies, guess who is next. your job in this situation is to cast sacrifice on the eni, and keep it alive untill it can heal itself.

    Professions that benefit a chance sacrier. pick in order, Hunter, Butcher and then one of your choice.

    tofu till lv 10, then gobbals drop meat, which you can turn into stuff ot heal yourself. and as a sac, you will need this. saves money on bread.

    Begging / bragging. dont do it. ever.

    Begging gets you invited into less groups, and bragging makes us think you can do it yourself, so we will leave you to it yourself. yes we know a chance sac can kill an aweful lot. it is also gets raped by anything with an AP steal. so yeah, while your good, dont think you are perfect.

    Order of things to kill in a solo fight.
    Unbewitchers > AP Removers > Healers > everything else.

    you know that +400 chance buff? Gone. yeah annoying. kill unbewitchers.
    with only 7ap you cant steal twice, hence ap removers are next most annoying.
    Healers are not really an issue normally, so focus on them next to weaken the rest. (unless group pvp)
    and then everything else is just HP stomping to be honest.

    Assualt or no Assault.
    Level the damn spell.

    as you can see by my equipment guide, after 100 you will be using +cha +agil equipment. and as we are buffing agil anyway, it helps to have an off element attack. a further reason to level assault is when you loose one AP from an AP raping creature, you can Diss and Assault it, thus increasing your damage.

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